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Heat Wave Warning Lower Mainland

In the next week Metro Vancouver is expected to have multiple days above 30 degrees Celsius

The local weather station has forecasted several hot days above 30 degrees Celsius during the last week of July. With the extra hot weather, we take extra precautions with our crew and remind our clients how to stay safe and healthy in the warm weather.

Signs of Heat exhaustion

With the warmer weather, risks of heat exhaustion and heat stroke increase. Some signs of heat exhaustion are:

  • dizziness/confusion

  • thirst

  • headache cramps

  • fast breathing and/or irregular pulse

  • core temperature 38 degrees Celsius and above.

If the person who is experiencing heat exhaustion is cooled soon, the condition can lead to heat stroke. Symptoms of heatstroke are:

  • extreme confusion or a shift in mental status

  • loss of consciousness

  • dry/hot skin, no longer able to sweat

  • very high core temperature

Heatstroke can result in death if treatment is delayed for too long. The main way to combat and prevent heat stroke is to maintain the core body temperature to a safe temperature.



Prevention is the best way to avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Some good prevention methods are:

  • drinking plenty of fluids

  • staying out of direct sunlight, if possible, during the hottest part of the day

  • wearing loose clothing

  • staying acclimated and keeping core temperature at safe levels

At Got Asbestos we care for our team and train them in the cause and prevention of heat exhaustion during the hot time of the year. We care for our clients and also give guidance and advice on how they can stay safe during the warm weather. Always remember, health is wealth!

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