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Presence of Mold in the home

Mold growth tends to happen in areas of the home that is humid and full of moisture with poor air ventilation, creating a perfect environment for the fungus to grow. It can be a challenge to detect mold early as it likes to grow in dark places with little light. Very quickly though, the mold can grow at a rapid rate, possibly causing damage to the existing damage to the structure the mold is attached to.

Mold growth can also cause some health related symptoms such as

  • Shortness of breath

  • Cause a flare up in allergies

  • Coughing

  • Sneezing

  • Lung and Raspatory issues

  • Irritated Skin

  • Rashes

Some signs of mold can include visual as well as smell. The most common sign is the often dark patches of the mold often accompanied with a musty, moldy smell that is very distinct. In more severe cases, the mold can cause structural damage and can cause safety concerns if the damaged area is important to the integrity of the structure.

Think you have mold? Call us at Got-Asbestos (604-299-5867) for a free quote! We service the lower mainland and are insured and registered with WorkSafeBC. Safety is at the very core of our Safe Work Procedures and we follow every regulation mandated by WorkSafeBC.

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