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Mold Thrives during the rainy season

With the current rainy season breaking records during our unusually wet month of May, issues with Mold in the household have been more prevalent this year. Mold is a common problem most home owners will have throughout the year, but due to the higher levels of rain we've experienced in the lower mainland, the problem has become more persistent.

However, as the weather becomes warmer, it creates a perfect environment for Mold to flourish as it has all the moisture and heat it needs to thrive. It's important to take preventative measures to protect your home from this common problem. Be extra vigilant about the spots in the household that are damp, warm and dark such as the basement, attic, windows and even underneath the bathroom and kitchen sinks. Make sure these areas are dry and try to resolve any moisture problem as soon as possible.

If you suspect or have discovered problematic Mold in your home give us a call and we'll send our professionals out to resolve the issue the quickest and best way possible. Give us a call at Got-Asbestos!

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