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Hidden Dangers in Renos and Demolition work

Updated: Jun 30

Renovating a space can be a very rewarding experience. Making what was old new again, and fixing something rather than just throwing it away all together. But sometimes there are hazards and dangers that can be dangerous or even life threatening for those exposed around the contaminated space. Here are three examples of hazards that need to be handled by professionals if you come across them during your project.

  1. ASBESTOS - There is no obvious visual signs for Asbestos. In order to confirm Asbestos, a sample must be taken of the possibly contaminated material and then sent to a lab to have the sample be tested for Asbestos fibres. If the structure is was built before the 1990s, it is highly recommended that you have the area under construction tested before disturbing the area.

  2. LEAD PAINT - Like Asbestos, there is no obvious visual signs that there is lead in the paint. If the paint is older than 1978, it is highly recommended you have a professional check the paint for lead before it is disturbed. Lead can also be inhaled due to the slow deterioration of the paint over time turning into dust and being inhaled by people in the effected area. Due not disturb the paint until confirmation of the results return from the lab.

  3. MOLD - Mold can be difficult to detect during its early stages because it likes to grow in dark hidden places away from light and full of moisture. It can remain hidden until it becomes a large problem that poses a few potential dangers and risks. Mold that is not cleaned or resolved can cause health issues for the people occupying the space and in more severe cases, it can actually weaken the structure it occupies. Extra caution must be used when removing mold because if the area is not quarantined properly, the spores can be disturbed while being removed and can land on another part of the structure and begin to grow again in the new space.

Renovation is an exciting time and is very rewarding when done right. Even if the renovation is a do-it-yourself project, it never hurts to ask for a professional's opinion. At Got-Asbestos we offer a free quote if you call us at 604-299-5867 or leave us a message on our contact/free quote page!

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