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Asbestos Testing

Updated: May 25, 2021

When should Asbestos be tested for?

When should I test for Asbestos?

If you are planning to renovate your home and the structure was built before 1990, it is important to test for Asbestos. When doing any demolition, renovation or salvage work, WorkSafeBC regulations must be followed at all times.

Got-Asbestos provides qualified Inspectors that meet WorkSafeBC standards and conduct proper Asbestos hazard assessments. If Asbestos is detected We provide certified personnel, qualified and trained for the safe removal of Asbestos according to WorkSafeBC guidelines. Our teams provide a variety of removals, such as drywall removal, mold removal, insulation removal, abatement and demolition.

What are the safety protocols during removal?

A report is created by the inspector containing all the potential risks and hazards of the project. Plans are created in order to mitigate or eliminate the risks identified during the report, in accordance to WorkSafeBC safety protocols. Our teams move in and remove the material containing Asbestos and dispose of it in procedures outlined by the inspector in compliance to WorkSafeBC regulations. Inspection results and post abatement reports will be available after work is complete.

At Got-Abestos we work hard to maintain a high standards with our safe work procedures. Our standards are in compliance to WorkSafeBC guidelines and regulation.

Need asbestos testing or abatement?

Give us a call at 604 299 5867 for a free quote.

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